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New record for Russian exports of live crab to China
February 15, 2021 09:34

Despite COVID-19 constraints, the supply of Russian-caught live crab to the Chinese market in December 2020 showed a very serious increase, even compared to 2019, when the supply level was already quite high, reports

St-Petersburg sees rising herring prices and better pangasius fillet supply
February 11, 2021 16:45

Close to mid- February the wholesale market of St-Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is witnessing a sweeping rise of pelagic prices while a number of white fish items have depreciated, reports

Moscow salmon and trout market pins hopes on February festivities
February 11, 2021 15:42

In late February Russians will traditionally celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day which will normally help increase the salmon and trout sales, reports

Domestic buyers rushing for pollock before China comes back into play
February 11, 2021 15:02

Close to mid-February the market situation in the Russian Far East has been developing against the background of lagging pollock catch, the remaining trade with China and South Korea as well as fears of the Russian buyers that China will resume purchases on a big scale, taking reefer loads of pollock, etc. as of 18 February, reports

White fish prices hit opposing tracks on domestic and export markets for Murmansk fishermen
February 9, 2021 15:35

As per early February wholesale prices for cod, haddock, saithe and cod roe in Murmansk have been developing in a situation of good demand versus insufficient supply. The inventories of several other species have also gone short, reports

Russia’s seafood imports in 2020 displaying amazing trends
February 1, 2021 22:39

Russia’s seafood import volume in 2020 has declined by 7.9% due to CIVID-19 but several important segments have displayed an amazing growth despite the harsh economic environment, reports

Skyrocketing year for Russian Crab Group
January 24, 2021 23:45

The Russian Crab Group (the largest crab harvester in the Russian Far East and one of the leading ones in Russia) has published impressive results for 2020 both in terms of catch and market development, reports

RFC Group stakes on fillets and surimi in export markets development
January 23, 2021 20:53

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC), a major pollock harvester, is sharply reducing H/G output for the Chinese processors of double-frozen fillets while boosting its own production of FAS fillet blocks and surimi for export and the domestic market, reports

South Korea follows China with COVID-linked restrictions
January 20, 2021 21:35

As per late January the Korean food safety authorities informed Russia’s "National Center for the Safety of Aquatic Products and Aquaculture» that the country is tightening COVID-linked safety in their ports, reports

Seafood prevailing in Russian agricultural exports to South Korea in 2020
January 20, 2021 09:01

Russia has increased exports of agricultural products to Korea by 50% by the end of 2020, reports

Thailand Specialists watch over equipment installation at the Kuril fishmeal and fish oil plant via Internet
January 19, 2021 15:25

An unusual solution to the production problems caused by coronavirus has been found on one of Russia’s most remote islands, reports

In 2020, almost 59.5 thousand tons of salmon was checked by Rosselkhoznadzor in St. Petersburg
January 19, 2021 15:18

Great volume of salmon successfully passed the Russian border in 2020, reports

Saint-Petersburg market resumes trade with good demand for pelagic species
January 19, 2021 15:15

With the holidays ending, Saint-Petersburg market has resumed trade with good demand for pelagic species, reports

Moscow’s salmonids market balancing prices against demand
January 19, 2021 15:11

As per mid-January the companies trading in Atlantic salmon in the Russian Capital are setting prices looking back with caution at the actual demand for their wares, reports

Seafood trade in Murmansk recovering after New Year holiday season
January 19, 2021 15:07

Wholesale trade in Murmansk is getting back to normal after the holiday season with the domestic buyers speculating how much HG cod and haddock will go to export markets in the situation of uncertainty regarding sales to China via EU, reports

Domestic fish sales picking up in the Russian Far East
January 19, 2021 14:37

Russia’s New Year holidays have come to an end and domestic fish sales from the Russian Far East have quickly gathered momentum, reports

Fish and seafood exports volume increased
January 19, 2021 14:21

Rosstat’s provisional figures for the Russian seafood exports to November 2020 show different trends for value and volume, reports

South Korea paying more for Russian live king crab
January 16, 2021 16:16

While imports of the Russian live king crab into South Korea in November 2020 slowed down year-on-year the prices displayed a serious rise presumably to persist into December thus exceeding the level of the previous two years. At the same time, the total Russian live crab exports to Korea since the start of the year were recorded at more than 13 thousand metric tons, reports

Record high Russian exports of live crab to China
January 15, 2021 23:36

The Russian live crab exports to China may be hitting nearly US$400 million by the end of 2020 as the sales in November significantly exceeded expectations. The activity of imports of Russian and American products has increased especially strongly. Combined with a substantial price rise this fact further convinces market players of the healthy and promising nature of demand, reports

Russians saving pollock fishery's A season from looming COVID-linked logistics collapse
January 15, 2021 14:57

Russia’s Federal Fishery Agency has conducted a video conference on the sale and export of Russian fish products from pollock A season in the Russian Far East in connection with restrictive measures introduced by the People's Republic of China to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Apart from ways to comply with the Chinese requirements, the conference has worked out measures to diversify shipments geographically and in terms of processing destinations, reports

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