Scientists producing forecast for Russian Far East pelagic season

July 26, 2021 09:54

Scientists of VNIRO (the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography) have prepared a forecast "Saury, sardine, mackerel -2021" for the pelagic season in the Russian Far East, reports

According to Dmitry Antonenko, a scientist at the Pacific Branch of VNIRO, the document includes an assessment of the state of commercial stocks for each of the species, the value of the recommended catch, a description and forecast of the development of the hydrological situation, which is the most important factor influencing the distribution of stocks, as well as an economic overview of the situation on the markets.

The recommended value of the possible catch of Far Eastern sardines for 2021 in the South Kuril zone is set at 300 thousand metric tons while the possible mackerel catch is set at 240 thousand tons. For Russian users, a quota was allocated on a mutual basis in the EEZ of Japan in the amount of 51.5 thousand tons for catching mackerel and 23.5 thousand tons for catching sardines.

Also, 70 thousand tons of saury have been allocated to Russian holders for deep-sea and inshore fishery. Due to the fact that the ways of its migration have changed significantly in recent years, it is allowed to redistribute the volumes of the recommended catch of saury between the North-Kuril and South-Kuril zones without exceeding the total.

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